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Fernanda Alberici - New

The psychology of selling. How to build a pipeline of customers using social media ads.

Fernanda Alberici
FAB Marketing Founder

Learn how use Facebook and Instagram advertising to build a community of buyers, not just followers. Fernanda will walk you through the key advertising strategies that will dramatically increase your e-commerce sales.
She’ll discuss the simple but often-overlooked elements of profitable social media ads. And the easy steps you can implement today to start seeing an exciting return on your advertising spend

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Sustainable Fashion – Beyond 2020

Elizabeth Park
Founder -Fashion True Futures (FTF)

As the fashion industry pushes a reset button in the wake of global disruption, what does this mean for sustainable fashion?
Elizabeth Park will share perspectives on opportunities for positive change towards a more sustainable future.



People Buy From People, Where are you in your Business?

Fiona Killackey
Founder – My Daily Business Coach

Learn what ‘humanizing your business’ really means. It’s said that people buy from people but for many small business owners putting your own face out there or talking about things outside of the product/service you offer can feel daunting. Figurehead marketing is one of the best ways to market your business but for most its not even a part of their marketing strategy.


Tech and Tarot in Fashion Business

Saskia Fairfull
Founder – Independent Fashion Advisory Board (IFAB)

What do technology and tarot cards have to do with fashion? Interestingly, it’s about gaining clarity of what’s happening around you, trusting your intuition and optimising data through digital channels. Resulting in better business decisions, revealing areas of growth and communicating more effectively.

This is a technology session delivered in a very non-tech way. Saskia will delve into areas such as factors driving change, consumer trends and digital solutions while linking back to everyday business strategies and tasks.


Top Facebook
Advertising Tips for Fashion Businesses

Ali Wheeler
Owner – Society State

Discover the benefits of Facebook & Instagram Advertising for business. Learn the best practices to ensure your Ads are seen by the right audiences, at the right time! Find out the pros & cons of Self-Managing VS Outsourcing.

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Hi Bricks and Mortar, my name is Online, nice to e-meet you!

Sarah Quinn and Gemma Ostroburski
Co-Founders Talkshop

Did you know that eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023? Now more than ever is the time to update your online store and get across social media.
Sarah and Gemma, with their proven track record as creative retail experts, will take you through what you need to do to keep up and make your online store, is your top-selling store.

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